"One of the few truly original country/rock bands working in the Midwest today... They're doing it the old fashioned way - one city, one show, a few fans at a time."  ~ St. Louis Riverfront Times

"A high-octane Americana show with the grit of a Texas roadhouse and the soul of a Southern tent revival."   ~ Chicago Sun Times

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The Latest Matt Poss Band Release - Bonfire Bootlegs Volume 1 - a collection of hardcore country cover songs recorded over the last several years. If you like hardcore country, you'll dig it.

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The 2013 Matt Poss Band Release, called Greetings, comes straight to you from the cornfields of the Midwest, and features the hit singles Sweet Spot In The Sun and Sweet Lucy!

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Without the following sponsors, the MPB train would likely come to a horrifyingly screechy halt.  Click on their logos to learn more.

Sierra acoustic guitars are able to take the abuse that Matt inflicts upon them in stride.


Levy's makes the best guitar straps on earth. Mac's guitars have never hit the stage floor. Accidentally, that is.


Adam isn't known for having a big bottom except when he's laying down a groove with his Warrior bass.


Jeremy gets a BIG sound, and that's largely because he relies on Yamaha.


Each member of MPB has had a few Shiners over the years. They've all had shiners too, although it wasn't deserved less than half the time.


The graphic go-to people for Matt Poss Band. They do it all - logos, websites, posters, cd covers, you name it. They got big computers and stuff.


Chevy hauls the band everywhere they go. Except overseas. That might be different if Chevy made boats or airplanes, of course.

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